Your Hottest Heels Have Met Their Match.

Let's face it.  Your glasses are likely the first accessory anyone sees (sorry, sweet neon wedges).   

But eyeglasses are like shoes in some ways.  Not one pair works for all situations.  You wouldn’t wear your heels to the gym, or your athletic shoes to a formal wedding.  So why do you think the accessory that is most visible (ON YOUR FACE), only requires ONE pair?

We aren’t talking just fashion here.  Although having several different colors, patterns, and shapes can sure change up your wardrobe.  My dad always had his “work pair”, the ones that got the most scratched, as well as his “dressy pair” for going out.

But what if you believe in function over fashion? Well guess what…you STILL need more than one pair of glasses.  Every person should at least have two pair, the ones you wear everyday and a good pair of sunglasses.  UV exposure is the number one cause of cataracts, macular degeneration, as well as skin cancer.  Most people think sunglasses are strictly a fashion statement but that is just not true.  Wearing sunglasses is a MUST for maintaining healthy eyes.

Another pair of glasses that can be beneficial are computer glasses.  Even if you have perfect vision glasses with an anti-glare coating that filters out dangerous blue light from computers, tablets, and phones are becoming just as important as sunglasses in this digital age.  This is especially true for children who spend many hours on these devices.  An “anti-fatigue” lens which reduces strain at near can also be great for kids who spend a lot of time doing near related tasks.  Studies have shown that these types of lenses may reduce the progression of nearsightedness.

If you DO require glasses full time and you are of the age that requires the infamous “b” word…bifocals…you can benefit from separate reading or computer glasses.  These glasses are great for people who spend a majority of time on their computer at one set distance while giving them a greater viewing area than their everyday  progressives.  

Regardless your prescription, remember that multiple pairs are a must.  And at EyeShop second pairs are ALWAYS 50% off!

Let me know what you think.  Questions? Comments?

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