BLOOM - Live Like It Is Spring!

Spring 2016 Eyewear trends can be divided into four main categories from conservative to wild depending on how far you want to go!

#1. Re-imagined Classics --these styles have probably found their way through your wardrobe over and over again with classic rounds or aviators.  But imagine those classics with a twist whether it is unique color or mirrored lenses. 
#2. Wild + whimsical --this trend is pure fun. There are NO rules. Funky color, patterns, and metallics. This is FASHION.      

#3. Return to romance--  These styles include antique details like gold and lace.  It's like looking into an old family photo.


#4. Energetic allure  --These are outdoorsy looks that bring a sense of adventure with color, mirrors, and a lot of wrap. 

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