Find Your Eyewear

Brand-name frames for every budget. Here at EyeShop, we stock more than 500 hand-selected frames from a wide variety of designers. Men’s, women’s, and kids’ frames range in style—from ultra-trendy to classic.


The viewpoint from your eyes is totally different than the next person’s. That’s why we focus on improving your vision—and enhancing your unique style—through eyewear that fits. 


Know what you want? We’re happy to step back and let you do the looking. Want guidance? We’ll walk you through your options, starting with the basics (like how to choose between glasses and contacts), and then cover all the details (like brands and price points).


You’re free to browse and try things on—using an iPad application to snap photos and send different looks to family and friends. From start to finish, we’ll be there to answer questions and offer advice. Until you look in the mirror, and love what you see. (That’s when we love our jobs the most.) 


Look on the bright side.

Sunglasses and Protective eyewear (with or without a prescription)

Even if you have perfect vision, sunglasses are a must-have for good eye health. We advise all patients to protect their eyes from the sun—as the effects of UV rays can be damaging in the short- and long-term (from burning and blurry vision to cataracts and cancer).

In case you’re not crazy about your choice the next time you spot your reflection in the rear-view mirror, you’re free to return or exchange your sunglasses within 30 days of purchase.

Go for the no-glasses look.

Contacts delivered to your doorstep

Why order contacts through EyeShop, instead of from an online retailer? For one, you’ll get a free pair with your regular eye exam. We’ll also replace torn or lost lenses at no extra cost to you, and help you maintain a healthy schedule for changing out your lenses.

Best of all, our prices are competitive with online retailers, and you can choose to pick them up at EyeShop, or have them shipped directly to you.

Because No One Looks Like You. 

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